The Need

Children do not receive the support they need immediately following tragic events. The reasons include: Parents are unable to provide support because they are physically or emotionally injured; parents are taken into custody by law enforcement; children don’t express their need for assistance; and emergency responders are preoccupied with the emergency situation.

When TIP Volunteers Assist Children (Examples of Actual Calls)

-Upon returning from school a child discovers his father hanging in the garage

.-Three small children are emotionally traumatized in a hospital emergency room after an auto accident in which their mother is killed

.-Four children are left alone when their parents are taken into custody after a drug raid.

-Two children witness a third child killed by a speeding Amtrak train

-.Fifteen children witness a man intentionally drive into their day care center killing two.

-An 8-year old child discovers his father died of a drug overdose.

-Thirty children witness a child crushed by a park bench at a YMCA park.

TIP Assistance (Examples)

-Provide emotional comfort and support

.-Protect from on scene dangers (traffic, gruesome sights . . .)

-Provide with “comfort bears,” coloring books, and other comforting and reassuring materials

-.Explain emergency procedures in simple terms.

-Reassure traumatized parent(s) that their children are being cared for

-Educate parents(s) and provide written materials about how to deal with children after a tragic 


-Arrange for follow up counseling services for children.

-Provide on scene support to children by TIPTeens when appropriate


Yuba- Sutter